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Tjenare tjenare! Frågade Hisaru innan jag la upp denna om det är okej att jag lägger upp en på engelska och det skulle inte vara några problem Very Happy

Lite om mig själv
My name is Kevin and I'm 20 years old, I live in Malmo, Sweden. Right now I’m unemployed. I studied game programming in upper high school, I will probably continue my education within game programming or System developing Smile

I´m a very competitive person and raiding was my first love so whiping on an encounter is not really a huge deal for me. I prefer progress nights over farm nights and I´m never happy with being second, I try to improve every time I play wow. I´m also a very social person and I really enjoy doing alt runs and I´m almost always online on Ventrilo/Skype/Teamspeak/whatever you use outside of raids.

My interests is my computer and my skateboard, I have been skateboarding for 8 years and when I was 12-14 I was one of the best in the country in my age. Right now I'm not doing anything else rather than playing wow and riding my skateboard with some friends. I have been playing wow for almost 4 years now.

I do play a bit Diablo and before I started to play WoW I was playing Counter-Strike, I was a bit known in those small communitys who are hosting competitions with prizes such as headsets, mousepads and so on.

Namn: Lithz
Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Lithz/advanced

Shadow Priest:
Hur väljer jag mina stats?
I choose my stats purely for what’s best at that moment, in general, haste has always been main stat for shadow priests up to a certain breakpoint, then either Crit or Mastery depending on your trinkets/tier-piece bonuses/Playstyle.

Stat weights:
Haste: 50% for GCD cap, extra ticks on SW:P and VT.
Crit/Mastery: Pre-patch there was no right or wrong choosing mastery over crit or the other way around, it was more up to you and what you like having more of. Now after the patch I feel like Crit takes over simply because SP’s main damage source is mainly from dots and the moment you run and your Shadowy Insight doesn’t procc, the mastery becomes useless because you can’t cast while running.
Summering: Int > SP > Crit >= Haste > Multistrike > Mastery > Versatility

Opening: Halo – Potion – MB – SW:P – VT – Shadow Fiend. I use halo at optimal distance when the countdown is at 2 seconds.
I then Mind Flay until my Mind Blast comes off cooldown or it proccs, I then use it instantly. Since I don’t play with Insanity at the moment I don’t have to wait to use Mind Blast when I channel Mind Flay while Devouring Plague is up on the target.
I continue to cast my Mind Flay all the time since it’s the filler for SP’s and as mentioned above to use Mind Blast every time it comes off cooldown. Since I play with Surge of Darkness I get my instant Mind Spike procc, I use this directly if I get it on a GCD, if it proccs in the middle of a Mind Flay channel, I wait and using it as soon as the Mind Flay has ended.
I make sure to refresh my dots once trinkets/enchants/meta proccs.

Do keep in mind that it's not a set rotation, everything can change in the blink of a second.

If you have 3 orbs pre-pull the opening changes a bit: Halo – Potion – DP – MB – SW:P – VT – MFx2 – MB, If MB proccs during any time I use it instantly to stack orbs faster!

When it comes to movement we’ve got Body and Soul, Angelic Feathers and Glyph of Mind Flay which comes in handy very often. There are many ways to optain good dps while moving. Try to delay refreshing your dots for as long as possible, casting Shadow Word:Pain while moving. Here is also really when the Surge of Darkness and Shadowy Insight kicks in and becomes really awesome. If you would’ve played with Insanity you would’ve only had Shadow Word:Pain and possibly Shadow Word:Death if the boss was under 20% HP, but you you’ve got an additional Mind Spike and Mind Blast.
The Shadow Word:Death is used based on the situation. You can double tap this lad or just use it once for the orb, on a heavy movement fight I would just use it once for the orb to save 1 charge if there’s sudden movement in the encounter, or just double tap it while running. In other words, you always want something to hit the boss with!

As a Shadow Priest you want to get Haste up to 50% as fast as you can because of the GCD cap and extra ticks on your dots, after hitting this breakpoint you want to go for either Crit or Mastery, depending on what you prefer to play with/encounter so gemming Crit/Haste or Mastery/Haste in every slot that you can should be gemmed with that.
Why would you want to go on Mastery? Well, as said before it is really situational, if there’s a boss that requires high bursty single target DPS I would go for Mastery with Shadowy Insight and Surge of Darkness because the new Mastery increases the Damage of Mind Blast, Mind Spike and Mind Flay.
Why would you want to go on Crit? I would go for crit on multi target encounters because the dots does most of the DPS on such fights, there’s not much time to channel many mind flays because the dots needs to be refreshed on the targets as soon as they expire.

All the pieces that can be enchanted with Haste should be enchanted so because it makes it easier to reach the haste cap without having to sacrifice stats to gem pure haste or to chase meaningless items just go get you to that breakpoint.

Desperate Prayer/Spectral Guise/Angelic Bulwark:
I feel that this section is purely personal what you like to go with. I personally go with Desperate Prayer because it has a lot of use areas, let’s say for example that there’s a big AoE explosion that comes in 5 seconds and I am not topped, I’d rather prevent myself dieing.

Body and Soul/Angelic Feather/Phantasm:
I feel that this is more situational talents, I myself prefer to go with Body and Soul because then I can shield the target while still giving him a movement speed buff which is the same amount as Angelic Feather, and who knows, my shield may save this poor fellow Very Happy

Surge of Darkness/Mindbender/Insanity:
Some SP’s prefer to go with Insanity, others with Surge of Darkness. Insanity is more of a bursty choice of DPS and is somewhat better when you just stand still and purely DPS. Surge of Darkness is more of a mobile choice and are better on movement fights, because you have something to cast while moving, also if go with Insanity you probably go Mastery now after the patch to increase the dmg of the Mind Flay even more.

Void Tendrils/Psychic Scream/Dominate Mind:
So far in this and previous tiers, Void Tendrils have proven itself over and over again. It is a great root which doesn’t break from dmg but from its duration/death.

Twist of Fate/Power Infusion/Shadowy Insight:
A lot of Shadow Priests go with Twist of Fate, I personally dislike this talent a lot because it totally relies on raid members/boss/adds being below 35% health, if it’s a single target encounter and decide to go with that talent you’re lucky if you land a heal just when the raid member is below 35% health, and Shadowy Insight offers a lot more mobility and if you’re lucky, you can build 3 orbs really fast.

Cascade/Divine Star/Halo:
This section is interesting because, it’s situational sometimes. If you for some reason can’t get far enough out for Halo to be cased at optimized range to hit all the adds, I would go with cascade or Divine Star. But, for the most of the time you are able to cast Halo at max range so this would be very situational.

Clarity of Power/Void Entropy/Auspicious Spirits:
This is a really situational section and more of how YOU want to play your shadow priest, I personally feel like Auspicious Spirits will be the most affective talent mainly because if we can get somewhat close to 30% crit, which we will be able to within the first tier with BiS gear, it will just be insane how many Devouring Plagues we can throw on the target. Clarity of Power is an interesting talent; The dotless talent, where the rotation would be something like: (Mind Spike x2, Mind Blast)x5, Mind Spike, Mind Spike, Devouring Plague, Mind Blast, Devouring Plague, get a big fat devouring plague and then the filler with Insanity. Thought, this is mastery based.

Raiding Erfarenhet
Vanilla: Didn’t play.

TBC: Started to play in the middle of this expansion with some friends. Didn’t raid.

WotLK: Started to raid in ICC and I was determined to become a really good player.
Progress: 25man – 11/12 normal, 10/12 HC. 10man – 12/12 normal, 9/12 HC.
T11: 9/13 HC.
T12: 6/7 HC – pre-nerf. Got Raggy in Januray.
T13: 6/8 HC pre-nerf, Spine at 5% and Madness at 15%.

A few weeks in to this expansion I was asked from my friend to come help them, I did and I managed to kill Spirit-Kings Heroic pre-nerf. About half a week later I saw that Offspring recruited a balance druid, so I applied and got accepted. I raided with them until 1 month before SoO was released.
T14: 6/6 HC; 6/6 HC; 4/4 HC – All Cutting Edge.
T15: 13/13 HC – Cutting Edge and Ra-den Immortal achiev.
T16: Here I raided with “Not So Serious” 11/14 HC before I had to quit raiding because of university. This was killed in 10 man because as the guild killed garrosh hc, they decided to disband, 14 members of us decided to carry on as 10 man, this didn't work out too well. The guild decided to merge with Inner Sanctum for Mythic raiding and I took a break from wow. I just pugged garrosh 25M HC when I came back to the game.

During TBC, WotLK and first tier in Cata I played Shadow Priest. In Firelands I switched to Boomkin because.....Well, I can't really remember xD, but that became my main and I played it til I had to quit because of university, and now I want to reroll back to my Shadow Priest.
Though, during ToT I did play in an alt run of a guild on Grim Batol, full HC clear a week.

Tidigare guilder:
Team Aquaturtle, Frostmane:
I left Team Aquaturtle because around easter, the guild slowly started to die, we tried to save it but it didn’t work out, so we decided to disband.

Offspring, Outland:
I left Offspring because I felt that the guild wasn’t hardcore enough for my goals, I wanted to raid at a more competitive level.

Not So Serious, Silvermoon:
I left Not So Serious because I didn’t have the time to commit the huge hours every day, I fell behind at university and had to quit raiding.

UI Screenshot:
https://i.imgur.com/yLs1upN.jpg - Ingorera det till vänster, det är skärm nummer 2 xD


Kompanjonen till vänster om mig:
GPU: Nvidia GTX 780
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth p67
CPU: Intel i7 2600k overclocked to 4.7GHz
RAM: DDR3 Corshair Vengeance @ 1666MHz

http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Lythz/advanced (Former main)

http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Lithzz/advanced (Played this tier after comming back from break)

http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Xeenamvp/advanced (Boosted char, really enjoyed playing it)

http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/outland/Lithzlol/advanced (Going to be leveled as “main alt” in WoD)

Varför ni ska välja just mig
I am a very competitive person and raiding was my first love so whiping on an encounter is not really a huge deal for me. I prefer progress nights over farm night and I’m never happy with being second, I try to improve every time I play wow. I want to be the first, I want to be one of the first in the world to kill a boss! I’m also a very social person and I really enjoy doing alt runs.
I describe myself as a guy who just LOVES raiding. The things that makes wow entertaining for me are: Facing new challenges and seeing new encounters and how we can work as a team to overcome them.

When it comes to raiding the huge amount of hours and the effort you have to put in when you're aiming for the highest possible rank, I can't anything more than I absolutely love it! I have no problems at all to sit and raid an entire day, focusing all my energy on my gameplay.

Theorycrafting is always fun and I really do enjoy sitting around, playing around with stats and talents, picturing scenarios in my head where certain talents, stats and playstyle would have a big impact.
It's always nice to talk to other players about their experience of possible changes and how it would affect Shadow Priest's effectiveness.

To summarize it all: It doesn't matter what I do, when I do it, I ALWAYS strive to improve my results!

Tack för att ni läste min application och jag hoppas att få träffa er snart! Ha det så bra så länge! Smile

Vänliga hälsningar - Kevin.

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Vi återkommer med svar snarast.

Who ever joins the game, must take the consequences of the game!

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