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Kor Kron Juggernaut mount

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1Kor Kron Juggernaut mount Empty Kor Kron Juggernaut mount i tis 18 feb 2014 - 11:17


Hey there,

I want 2 buy the Kor kron juggernaut mount from Garrosh HC. I bought 2 boost in the past and was happy about the service etc:)
( Will of the Emperor HC only and full ToeS HC)
My real ID is yoshi#2662. Im ally atm. But have a Horde char. I can bring that char 2 your realm so he can bring the gold.

Greetz Ýoshi^^

2Kor Kron Juggernaut mount Empty Sv: Kor Kron Juggernaut mount i mån 24 feb 2014 - 0:26


Hai Yoshi!

We are able to boost you on sunday 2/3. Price will be 400k for the mount and kill.

Please confirm.


Who ever joins the game, must take the consequences of the game!

3Kor Kron Juggernaut mount Empty Sv: Kor Kron Juggernaut mount i sön 30 mar 2014 - 21:58


Hello Nelson,

400k is alot atm for me. Will wait abit till it will go down. Im on 9/14HC myself so maby it isnt needed later. And the kills come on a char what is not my main and so not need kills on but just the mount:) Will check this forum later again


Ýoshi - Neptulon WOWEU Alliance

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