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Prices and Instances

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1Prices and Instances Empty Prices and Instances i fre 4 jan 2013 - 21:39


Tier 16 - Instances:

Challange Modes
Boost: Unavailable
Instances: 9
Price: 150,000
Includes: 9/9 gold

Contact Styrd or Hetz for more info!

Siege of Orgrimmar
Boost: Unavailable
Difficulty: Heroic
Bosses: 14
Price: ***,000 Gold
Includes: Every loot you need, depending on your present spec.

You will be charged 50% of the total price in the beginning of the instance and the rest at the end of it.

Updated 11/1-14

Senast ändrad av Nelson den sön 11 maj 2014 - 19:14, ändrad totalt 1 gång


2Prices and Instances Empty Why did you stop Garrosh HC boosts? i fre 7 mar 2014 - 22:39


Hello I was just wondering why you stopped selling Garrosh HC boosts? I really want the mount but it's hard to find guilds that have actually progressed far enough.

Ps: Is it possible to enter raids crossrealm? Thanks in advance

EDIT: Sorry, just saw that they're upcoming.

But still: Is it possible to enter raids crossrealm? Thanks in advance

3Prices and Instances Empty Sv: Prices and Instances i lör 8 mar 2014 - 0:42


No it's not possible crossrealm, you will need to make a character transfer to our realm in order for us to sell you the mount.

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