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Stormeh - Fire Mage Application.

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1Stormeh - Fire Mage Application. Empty Stormeh - Fire Mage Application. i ons 28 nov 2012 - 22:28


Hey Sanitas, Martin here 20 years old from your brother country Norway.

I would start this application by just informing that it will be in english, as i'm horrible in typing in swedish... and you probably don't want this too be in norwegian either. By saying that eventhough i'm from norway I understand swedish really well, besides a couple of words ofcourse but that happens rarely.

If this however is a problem that I can't type in swedish and you are only looking for swedish people, than I regret but too say that this whole application has gone too waste, which is relly sad.


Iv'e bin raiding since tbc, started playing during vanilla I can surely admit that the beginning of my raiding was on skill level : total noob, cus I didn't have a single clue what I was doing.. at all. But as most people do over time, I soon got the hang off my class and got a better understanding of the raids. In tbc, before you had all the different pages that told you what too talent etc, I usually made the guides. My guild and new recruits used them if they were "in my opinion" doing some big mistakes either in rotation or talent build. We took on everything up too Bt before I took a break before the swp came out.

In WotlK all the main raids was 25 man and we had weekend runs in 10 man, nax, EoE, Os (3d), Ulduar eventually and we tried to do as many hm's as we could but didn't succeed on every boss. totc 25 fully cleared but never took it down Heroic Mode (was so happy with reign of the unliving trinket). Next was Icc, and finally the chance too defeat Arthas (which I had already defeated in wc3*loljoke*) so I knew it would be easy, took some time but eventually we got it down, and we managed too get some down on hc aswell.

In cataclysm I don't really have much too say about my raiding, I did the BWD, BoT and Throne but then I had a 6 month break from wow, a lot of stuff happened irl both good and bad and worse and then okay I suppose. I returned at the end of cataclysm and got down DS on normal since I didn't get into any gear cus of "lack of itemlvl".. which is really something people prioritised too much in front off the actual player itself.

In mop the second I hit 90 and got geared for hc (the same day) I bumped into a group from De Factum, whom after a few hc's took me into their guild and I thought they were some decent people, and some of them are really. We got fast into the mogu shan vault and we had some good progress, but after a couple of weeks there was suddenly people who didn't show up in time, came late and people signed but didn't show up and came up with lame excuses over and over again. So that's the reason iv'e decided too leave the guild, cus it's not living up too the requirements it's supposed too have.

Anyways got 6/6 msv, non hc...
Heart of fear only 1 boss, and now even on a wednsday there isn't a raid.

Despite i'm a norwegian, despite my current progress I hope you will still give me a trial spot and I will proove too you guys that I am able too live up too the legacy of your guild.

Combustion : Fit's better with PoM cd/rotation.
Fire blast : just for spreading living bombs.
Glyph of evocation: just for the tiny bit of extra heal and there ain't really any "must have" glyphs besides the two above.

First talent tree : Presence of mind as default, may switch for scorch on boss encounters that requires a lot of movement.
Second talent tree : Ice Barrier, well a little absorbing here and there doesen't hurt for the healers.
Third Tree : Ring of frost, not really many encounters it's useful on but emperor it works pretty good for cc'ing the rages.
Fourth Tree: Cold snap, I like the 2x iceblocks and the heal can be a lifesaver sometimes.
Fifth Tree: Living bomb - Don't need too say more than it's just really the one too go for as a fire mage.
Sixth Tree: Iv'e chosen Rune of power as the sixth one, I find incanater's ward rather bad and the invocation means you have too channel it all out for the bonus damage, and if you have too contantly move or move a lot then it becomes rather useless. Rune of power is stable, it last's long, you allways stay topped up on mana when ur in it, gotta love it.

Stat priority
Int Hit|cap - crit - haste - mastery
Uses reforge too keep the hit chance closest too 15% as possible, if I have too much hit il reforge that into crit and mastery -> crit if it has crit then haste, if an item has haste and hit and i'm hit capped then haste-> crit.


Current rotation:
6sec rune of power 4sec prepot 3sec pyroblast
Livingbomb- Fireball (until crit)-> Inferno blast-> pom->pop trinket(if you have use trinket)->alter time -> Pyro - pyro(a third time if they proc) - alter time - pyro pyro - combustion -proceed too fireball part (always keeping up living bomb aswell).


Days played: 187, 22 hours.


I see myself as a good player, I know how too play my class and if changes are made and new raid content I quickly learn them and if I would ever do the same mistake twice, then somethings gotta be really wrong.

Iv'e played both mage and druid for a long time, moonkin and sometimes resto, When cata was released I was the realm first druid too hit 85 and I tried it aswell in mop but 30 minutes after the release, my character got stuck and couldn't log onto it for something like 6 hours, got stuck in an instance dead cus the servers crashed.

Besides that I really like too use ventrilo as an social tool after / before raids aswell, it's nice too speak with your guildies besides the raid time.

I just finished my last exam yesterday, so I don't have school until january next year now.
Most of the saturdays i'm not very active on wow, as a part time alcoholic I have the urge too find parties this day or if anything else is happening.

Having fun while raiding, stay focused and allways be prepared, dedication and perfection.

Hope too hear from you guys soon, Storm.



Also wants too aware you off my alt (previous main).

Played moonkin since tbc, was supposed too be my main in mop too but got stock in an instance so I leveled the mage instaid. If needed for the guild, il reroll back anytime. (has bad gear at the moment though).

2Stormeh - Fire Mage Application. Empty Sv: Stormeh - Fire Mage Application. i lör 1 dec 2012 - 0:43


Hej Stormeh!

Tyvärr så måste jag avböja din ansökan då vi anser oss inte vara i behov av ytterligare en mage.

Dock så får jag önska dig lycka till i ditt guildsökande!


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