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Me and my adventures in Shrine

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1 Me and my adventures in Shrine i mån 3 feb 2014 - 23:41


Hi dear Sanitas

This is a post from a fellow Scandinavian player, yet i will write this in English for the ease of others.

Just a short story i would like to share with you. It's about a Shaman. A brave fighter she is, born on the Troll isles yet here for much more. She has battled the greatest foes of the depths of this wretched world. But there is more than meet the eyes with this one.

Everyday I do my dailies, raid a bit and battle alliance scum in Arenas, but when the day is over i hearthstone to Shrine and go to the balcony outside. And everyday i see her, sitting there on hermount, same spot, same position, spreading joy to everyone.

He doesn't say much, but her being there gives me comfort.

I present to you, Fomz of Sanitas:

Thank you Smile

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