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Kirihara - 90 Warrior Application

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1Kirihara - 90 Warrior Application Empty Kirihara - 90 Warrior Application i fre 28 sep 2012 - 17:55


Greetings my friends up the cold north!

I decided to do this application in english, i was not certain if it'd be more suitable as norwegian or not, i figured it'd be easier understandable in english.

I will continue without template as i cannot see any thread or anything in the above "Media" forums.


From: Norway.
Age: 22.
Stable connection: Yes, no issues on that matter.
Pc specs: Above average. Encounters which require low settings for some causes no effort on high settings on my computer.

Why do you want to join Sanitas?: Well, i happened to meet a few people in the Wastes who farmed for Dark Prince reputation, i thought "Why not?" and asked to join. Got honored, and got a spot in the Sha of Anger raid afterwards, meanwhile talking with a few guild members of Sanitas.

I was surprised to find this community, and i'd love to be a part of it. Hey, vikings weren't alone, were they? Very Happy

What can you do for us?: Hopefully i can provide a comfortable atmosphere with humour and motivation. I can cook for you! And probably be able to be a nice addition in your guild ranks and future raid progression which is bound to come.

This is a hardcore guild, think you're up for it in the future if raiding and progress might be hastened?: The only hardcore guild i was in was back in Burning Crusade. IT has tiring, but fun. I can handle late/early events due to being unoccupied and unemployed currently. I am a perfectionist and like to work on even the smallest flaws in dps, work diligently after gear upgrades and whatnot. I want to be able to provide whatever i'm providing to the best of my capabilities. MoP being new makes me want even more for a hardcore guild. It all depends on you how much progression i will have, so yeah. Smile

Do you understand swedish Abit/Ok/Good?: Good. I used to be in a swedish community before, know a couple of friends there, etc. Svinesu-Eeh Sweden rocks! Very Happy

Will you be able to provide your own buffs in our encounters?: I will! I am already a quite high skilled cook. And would most likely be appropriately buffed for the encounter. However i can't make my own flasks.

Additional information and comments: My sincere apologies my young lads and lasses if this wall of text got too much. I easly get carried away at applications. Particularily in this scenario when i have the chance for a nordic guild which i find suitable.

Other than that i am a cheerful and positive dude. I believe i am atleast!

Great wishes for a trial,
Sincerely, Kirihara.

Er in-game så bare spørr om det er noe. Smile

2Kirihara - 90 Warrior Application Empty Sv: Kirihara - 90 Warrior Application i lör 29 sep 2012 - 17:33


Tack för din ansökan. Vi återkommer inom kort!


3Kirihara - 90 Warrior Application Empty Sv: Kirihara - 90 Warrior Application i sön 30 sep 2012 - 14:26


Tyvärr så finner vi dig inte lämplig nog för att uppta en plats i vår core, vilket mestadels beror på att du saknar de erfarenheter vi anser viktiga samt att du ansökt med en profession som mining.

Vi får dock tacka för din ansökan och ser gärna att du joinar som social då vi ser dig som en trevlig individ.

Annars, lycka till med guildsökandet!


4Kirihara - 90 Warrior Application Empty Sv: Kirihara - 90 Warrior Application i sön 30 sep 2012 - 18:03


I stand by and respect your decision made on my application. I must admit i got disappointed, but yeah. What kind of experiences is there i lack that is apparently needed? Maybe i could work on them. And is having mining a problem? *Confused*

I believe attendancy and performance is the two cents of raiding. And i have them.

5Kirihara - 90 Warrior Application Empty Sv: Kirihara - 90 Warrior Application i sön 30 sep 2012 - 22:11


Sorry for the bad attitude. I got really upset, i wanted to join this guild alot.

Disregard my other post.

Goodluck in Mists of Pandaria, my fellow norwegians/sweden heroes!

Kirihara out. Smile

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